Are you a leader who wants to....

Are you on the right path to becoming the leader you want to be?

 Do you know what you want to achieve this year, with your team or your project?

If these are questions you wish you had the time to even think about, read on....
Vision is Core to Leadership!

We all want to be inspired by leaders with authentic and innovative visions for the future.

But to be a leader with vision, you need to be clear about who you want to be
and what you want to achieve, in order to plan how to get there.

We believe that you, like every leader, have a vision of a better future
- for yourself, for your team, and for your community.

But for that vision to become reality, you need to clarify it, share it,
and stay focused on where you want to go....

Inspired! is a free one-day leadership workshop

that will give you the opportunity to rediscover your vision,
and refocus your energy on what matters most to you as a leader.


 Who is Inspired! for?
Perhaps you work in mental health, homelessness, or disability services; or you volunteer your time to advocate on behalf of your community group or peers; or maybe you're starting your own venture. Here's just a few examples of who will benefit from Inspired!
Aspiring Leaders
People seeking to
move into a
leadership role in
the future
Frontline coordinators
and managers of
community programs
and services
Community Leaders
Peer Leaders, Carers
and Volunteers who
exercise influence
within the sector
Project Coordinators
Project Officers and
Managers who foster
collaboration amongst
teams to achieve outcomes
What you can expect from Inspired!
Reconnect with what being a leader means to you, and for your future
Envision the future and create a realistic plan for your project or team for the next 12 months
Explore the big picture - what you really want to see change for the people and communities you work with

 Upcoming Event Dates
New dates will be announced soon for 2018!
Want us to run Inspired! closer to you? 

Inspired! will be run in other locations in 2018.
Tell us where we should hold our next workshop by completing the form.
About Us

Inspired! is presented by Verge Collaborative.

We design and deliver leader development programs for people committed to improving social
services through authentic, empathic and inspirational leadership.

Your facilitator, Nat Ellis, has over 20 years experience delivering learning and development
initiatives across the education, mental health and community service sectors.

In designing this workshop, Nat has drawn from her personal experiences of leadership
in varying business and organisational team environments.

What people are saying about our leader development programs...
"It's rare in our industry to have the time and access to resources to develop our own skills to their full potential.
It's been hugely rewarding for me to have the time and guidance to reflect on my personal and professional values, goals and practices."
- Madeleine, Small Venture Leader

"The Leader Development Program has been a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals,
whilst also spending time collectively and individually focusing on skills that will help to shape us as leaders."
- Monique, Team Leader
"An innovative program which is highly engaging.....very professionally presented and run."
- Jen, Project Coordinator
"The facilitator creates a positive and inspiring learning environment for everyone.
I would highly recommend the Leader Development Program for any leader or aspiring leader...."
- Jade, Team Leader
"I've really enjoyed learning and developing my leadership skills,
and meeting other leaders in the sector to discuss how things can improve."
- Bè, Small Venture Leader

Being Inspired! is just the beginning.... but it's a great place to start!